The Post-Graduate Program is a unique and exciting opportunity for motivated student-athletes who wish to enhance their academic and/or athletic profile for possible future enrollment in an elite university. Student-athletes spend a year between graduation and college strengthening their transcripts with either high school or college courses, as well as preparing for enhanced performance on SAT/ACT testing and participating in their chosen sport program.

High school and/or college courses are optionally selected for each student-athlete based on enhancing their existing academic profile. In addition, any student that has not achieved a perfect 2400 on the SAT or 36 on the ACT are strongly encouraged to enroll in our Standardized Test Prep course to potentially help the student-athlete.

Available High School Courses
English 1A / English 1BEnglish 2A / English 2BEnglish 3A / English 3BEnglish 4AEnglish 4B

Algebra 1A / Algebra 1B / Algebra 2A / Algebra 2BGeometry A / Geometry B / TrigonometryPre-calculus / Calculus A / Calculus B

Social Science
American History A / American History B / Economics / Geography A / Geography BUS Government / World History A / World History B

Natural / Physical Science  (with or without lab)
Biology A / Biology B / Chemistry A / Chemistry BEarth Science A / Earth Science B / Environmental Science A / Environmental Science BPhysical Science A / Physical Science B / Physics A / Physics B

Foreign Languages
Spanish 1A / Spanish 1B / Spanish 2ASpanish 2BSpanish 3A / Spanish 3B

Available College Courses
To Be Determined upon finalizing matriculation agreement with an accredited collegiate institution. Currently, student-athletes are encouraged to enroll in online courses at East LA College or Glendale College.