At Middlebrooks Academy, you will find an institution featuring strong support services, innovation in education and a world-class training model for student-athletes that view sports as a vocation. Academics, athletics and supplemental activities to athletics, coupled with excellence in all things, love for all mankind, leadership, development and high character exemplified are the seven jewels upon which our school is built upon.

While we are an emerging school, our results are undeniable. In just our first year of operation. 100% of our graduates are going on to play basketball at the next level and all of our graduating seniors achieved academic excellence at either the cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude level in a rigorous and challenging college preparatory curriculum.

Type of School: Middlebrooks Academy is an emerging co-ed, grade 6 – 12 plus post-graduate, private, non-religious, college preparatory school & sports academy. It is our expectation that 100 percent of the graduates go directly to four-year colleges, and/or the professional ranks, in their chosen sport.

Faculty: All academic faculty members and administrative staff will hold master’s level degrees or higher. All sports instructors will have extensive experience and credentials in their athletic disciplines.

Accreditation and Memberships: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (Candidate), others forthcoming.

Curriculum: The basic program required of all student-athletes includes eight semesters of English, Science (Natural/Physical), Mathematics and Social Science; six semesters of foreign language; and two semesters of fine arts.  50 hours of community service are required per year.

Mission:  To provide an environment that develops student-athletes at a world class level, in a  college preparatory atmosphere of excellence. Our student body represents the racial, ethnic, religious and socio-economic diversity found globally. We are committed to the development of the whole student-athlete through a challenging educational experience of academic, athletic and social responsibility opportunities. We endeavor to produce student-athletes that produce at the highest level on and in the venues of sport as well as are conscientious leaders and agents of change who are intellectually distinguished, morally courageous, and compassionate in service to others.

Philosophy: Founded on the vision and guiding principals set forth by William Middlebrooks (an entrepreneur, philosopher, leader and highly regarded coach), we execute a system, referred to as “The Middlebrooks Way,” based on the principles of excellence, leadership, discipline, order, the necessity of clear goals and objectives, the paramount importance of self-direction, internal motivation and concern for affective learning& professionalism in sports.

Core Beliefs: Our core beliefs come from the personal life experiences of Coach Middlebrooks and his childhood in the school environment.
1)  All children are good people inside; our job as adults is to help them showcase this goodness outside.
2) All children are capable of success in the classroom, regardless of the stereotypical academic labels placed on them by our society.
3) All children would rather succeed than fail.
4)  Once a child understands the habits necessary to achieve success and gets a taste of success by implementing those habits, they will generally make a lifelong commit to those habits.