College Ready Program

The College Ready Program is a unique fee-based academic support system designed to foster responsibility and enthusiasm for learning by the student-athlete and their families. This program is for student-athletes that are not registered and enrolled at Middlebrooks Academy. It is a system that emphasizes our commitment to a balance between genuine learning and athletics.

Student-athletes in our program who need academic support and/or who have encountered serious academic difficulty are assigned to one of our Learning Specialists. Our Learning Specialists are current and retired teachers and/or school administrators who are experts at dealing with school professionals as well as identifying the needs of the student-athlete and matching them with the proper resources.

Learning Specialists offer close academic monitoring and ongoing needs assessment. During meetings, student-athletes have the opportunity to discuss academic problems and work on improving time management and study skills. Because of their professional background, our Learning Specialists are able to help students communicate effectively with their teachers and counselors. They also assist in resolving scheduling conflicts, determining choice of classes, and investigating standardized testing assistance, tutorial services and other academic support related opportunities.

The following services are offered to all student-athletes:

New Student-Athlete Orientation Meeting
A welcome session for new student-athletes designed to acclimate them to the world of college eligibility.

Informational Parent Meetings
A chance for parents to discuss such topics as athletic eligibility changes of policy and/or academic procedures in a group meeting.

Student-Athlete Academic Enrichment
We provide enrichment classes and/or referrals to outside academic programs for student-athletes in need of academic enrichment, such as tutoring, standardized test preparation, etc.