Post-Graduate Program

Middlebrooks Academy is one of the few educational institutions that offers a Postgraduate opportunity. As the oldest, most stable and undisputed leader on the West Coast in postgraduate education, Middlebrooks Academy seeks to be the premier gateway to college and universities for students that understand the importance of securing the absolute right collegiate opportunity. If you have not secured the college opportunity you are looking for or simply want to enhance your options, then Middlebrooks Academy is the right choice for you after high school graduation!

Postgraduate students focus on critical English and Math SAT/ACT skills, along with being placed in a college course or high school course academic track. Students are assigned to academic classes based on their individual academic goals, past core academic course performance and the results of their prior SAT/ACT achievement. College track classes are carefully selected to develop core skills and to challenge students in preparation for their freshman year in college. High school track classes are chosen to work within NCAA guidelines to improve the Core Course GPA in addition to working to improve their SAT/ACT scores. Success in all postgraduate courses also strengthens the student’s transcript as they apply to colleges and/or universities of their choice.

Students develop technology skills through practical application of a multitude of applications throughout the academic program. Just as they will experience the educational benefits of modern day technology on the college campus, our students fully integrate netbooks, on-line research, and other skills through our academic program. Upon leaving Middlebrooks Academy, our students find themselves technically ready for the college campuses of today.

Postgraduate students who compete in athletics are equally as challenged as they are in academics. Our teams compete against top competition as well as are heavily marketed to college coaches at all levels (NCAA, NAIA and JUCO). All competitions are filmed and made available online for college coaches to view. All efforts are made to mirror the collegiate athletic experience in terms of the specific sport rules and guidelines that students compete under. Postgraduate athletics is a unique experience that genuinely helps to prepare the student for the college experience and in many ways gives the student a competitive advantage over other incoming freshman that have not gone through a similar postgraduate experience.